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Alexa Chung for ELLE


college: why am i paying to cry? 


Wallace-Bolyai-Gerwien theory is the theory that any two polygons are equidecomposable. 

That is that one can be cut into finitely many polygon pieces and be rearranged to obtain the second polygon. 

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Geometrical visualisation of a 4D shape from a 3D Perspective - The Tesseract

Hypercubes are shapes with n dimensions where n is greater than the 3 dimensions of a normal cube. The Tesseract, or the 4-cube, is a 4 dimensional hypercube.

where n is the dimensional number, in any hypercube:

vertices = 2^n

edges = n(2^n-1 )

faces = 2^n-3(n-1)n


Amulette | Alice Gao

You have to find the right distance between people. Too close, and they overwhelm you, too far and they abandon you.
Hanif Kureishi    (via un-exotic)

Ginnifer Goodwin’s message at Comic Con (x)

I hope that they keep the Knave as a series regular. 

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